Transformation and evolution

The universe is all about change, transformation, evolution.  Nothing is static.  New stars are being born every day, planets are being formed, life is growing and expanding.  Caterpillars are changing into butterflies, coal transforms into diamonds, acorns grow into oak trees.  Human beings have come a long way from the earliest days, and now we are in a new phase of transformation and evolution.

Our individual lives comprise the totality of the human experience.  Together, we are the collective consciousness.  Our physical evolution has brought us to where we are now, and our spiritual evolution is the next step.  Our lives are a journey of spiritual transformation, and we carry all of humanity with us.  As each one of us grows and adds our understanding and higher consciousness to the collective consciousness, so humanity rises in consciousness.  The more we do this, the faster the shift occurs as our experience influences others.  We do not need to preach our truth, simply to live it, and the process happens naturally.

We may each seem to be small beings compared to all the earth, and especially compared to all the universe, but we each play our part in the evolution of the whole.  A drop of water is tiny, but the ocean is made up of all the tiny drops.  So too the universe is made up of each drop of consciousness that we are.  The difference is that we have intention, and choice, and the power to create.  The more we focus on our spiritual journey, the more we commit to it, the more we affect those around us, the more spiritual understanding we contribute to the collective consciousness, the faster change happens.

This is an amazing time to be on this journey of transformation.  We are the leading edge of this wave of evolution, which will affect not only our world but the universe as a whole.  Never underestimate the importance of your part, and the power that you have to co-create a magnificent change.  Blessings to all of us on this path!


Independence Day

On this Independence Day we declare our freedom from old negative patterns, from limited thought, from the old paradigm of separateness.  We celebrate the raising of consciousness for ourselves and for the whole world.  We are always free to choose our thoughts and intentions, and especially to choose Love.

Every day is Independence Day as we make these choices for ourselves, and strike out along the path that is right for us, the path that brings us spiritual understanding and growth, that leads to love, light, peace, joy, harmony, kindness and compassion.  We are free from the dominion of other people’s thought, other peoples expectations and limitations of us.  We are free from the beliefs we held that have seen us only as limited, flawed human beings.  We are free to shed these old thoughts and see our true being as Spirit, as Light, as Love, as sacred, as creators in our own right.  We are free to understand our own power over our thoughts and over our world.  We are free to create our own lives, and to co-create a transformed world as more and more of us awake to our freedom.

Freedom is not something that someone gives to us, it is ours by right and by virtue of who we are.  It is up to us to claim that freedom, and to live it.  With this freedom, we will heal the world.

The space between your thoughts…

“The space between your thoughts is the window to the cosmic mind.”  -Deepak Chopra

We are part of the great Cosmic Mind that created us, that created the Universe.  As such, we share in its mind and in its wisdom.  Whatever we need to know, we already know.  But instead of looking within for wisdom, many of us look outside, to books, to teachers, to gurus, to other people.  We need to make the space of silence and meditation, to learn to look within, to recognize and to trust our own wisdom.  When we free ourselves of the outer distractions, when we slow down our busy thinking and listen, our inner voice, that voice that is part of the Cosmic Mind, tells us everything we need to know.

What if…

What if you realized how powerful you truly are?

We have within us the power of Spirit, the creative power to shape our lives and the world around us.  Most of us are used to thinking of ourselves as limited human beings, at the mercy of fate or random chance.  But many of us are awakening to the power of our thoughts, to our ability to choose what we want and what we do not want in our lives, our ability to heal ourselves and others, our ability to influence the world around us, and the power that we have when we come together to effect great change.  And our power is even greater beyond this.

We have the power to change our lives.  Together, we have the power to change the world.  We are part of a new wave of spiritual evolution, in which we awaken to this power and wield it with love and wisdom.

What if you realized how powerful you truly are?  What would you do?



The spiritual path is the path to higher consciousness.  When we keep our attention focused on this goal, we progress.  When we allow ourselves to be distracted by the things of the outer world we stray.  Constant vigilance over our thoughts and attention is the key.

The world is full of distractions.  Pop culture makes constant demands on our attention.  Technology offers many ways to keep our attention darting from one thing to another.  TV, movies, businesses, all clamor for their share of our time and attention.  When we are focused outward on these things, we are not focused inward.

It is up to us to make the choice – where do we want to place our attention?  If we are committed to the spiritual journey, it requires a great deal of us in terms of time and quality of attention.  Reading, studying, silence, meditation are the spaces which nurture our journey and allow us to access our inner wisdom.  The things of the outer world are glittery and seductive, but the rewards of the inner journey are far greater.  Commitment, discipline, vigilance, – these are key to progressing into higher consciousness.  The choice is ours.

We all contribute

What each of us offers to the world in thought and in energy counts.  We all contribute to the collective consciousness, which influences everything in the world.  The more love we offer, the more peace we offer, the more higher consciousness we offer, the more we offer our sacred selves, the more the world shifts in that direction.  Never underestimate the power of what you do and what you think.  Never underestimate the power of the energy that you send out.  We truly are the world, and we help shape it every day.  This we must always keep in mind, and send out only our highest and best thought and energy to bless and heal the world.

Spiritual explorers

When it comes to spirituality, there are people who want to be told what to believe, and there are people who strike out on their own journey to explore, to discover, to learn and to grow and to continually expand in understanding.

Some people thrive in a comfortable, known religious environment, where they are taught certain beliefs, take part in certain rituals, and have an established community to belong to.  Other people learn from different traditions, develop their own beliefs, create their own rituals and practices, and journey to a great extent on their own.  Neither of these ways is the “right” way; different people have different perspectives and different needs.  That is what makes the world so diverse and fascinating!

More and more people, however, are turning to their own individual paths, creating them as they  go, taking an eclectic approach as they find in different traditions different beliefs that resonate in their minds and in their hearts.  They also learn to tap into their own inner wisdom, expanding on what they have learned and leading them higher and higher in consciousness.  More and more people are, in this way, waking up to their true being as Spirit, as sacred, as wise and loving beings of Light.  The path is often confusing, sometimes difficult, usually challenging, but the rewards make it so worth while!

A line from a song says, “Ships are safe inside the harbor, but that is not what ships are for.”  Those of us who feel the hunger in our hearts and minds to go exploring have come far indeed, and our journeys benefit not only ourselves but those around us and the whole world itself.  We are on a path that can and will change the world.